OUTSIDE professional has been an outsourcing service provider since 1993, supporting international companies in their product marketing and operational activities.

We always have the right team both for temporary project support and for long-term assignments for complex business processes. OUTSIDE professional provides you with support during peak times and in areas that are not a part of your core business operations.

We develop ideas that lead to more streamlined business processes, and thus greater effectiveness and substantial savings. Our services help your company reach a higher level of service, which is the foundation for tangible results when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality of service. OUTSIDE professional saves you costly investments by using state-of-the-art technology and deploying specifically appointed personnel whilst always keeping a close eye on profit maximisation. We will meet your company at all the important crossroads providing the exact skills you need. We coordinate all activities with you and your team. You are in the best of hands with OUTSIDE professional when it comes to implementing and further developing your company’s goals.

Our workforce consists of over 30 all-rounders and specialised professionals who offer the right reinforcement for all business activities. The OUTSIDE professional team is characterised by flexibility and experience, ensuring seamless integration in your company. We have two locations in UnterschleiƟheim near Munich, both of which are staffed with all essential resources, first-class IT expertise, and competent professionals with language, process, and business understanding. We provide solutions that will win you over. Challenge us with your needs!

Enter the world of outsourcing with a clearly defined project and get to know us quickly and risk free. Step-by-step outsourcing is often the best way for a company to optimise its work processes, making it possible to free up or save internal resources. Whether you are grappling with a long-term strategic business decision or require short-term support with a concrete task, we take care of the things you do not wish to.


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